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The History Of Jewelry
Rhinestones have a glittering past. Originally rhinestones where referred to Czechoslovakian or Bohemian glass dating as far back as the 13th century in Bohemia and the Czech Republic.

Find Your Style Of Reading Glasses To Show Off Your Sense Of Fashion
Reading glasses or readers have evolved from those old black granny glasses of the past. Today's reading glasses offer style and glamour making them as fashionable as they are functional.
The Mindful Shopper: Learning From Your Trendy Mistakes
Are you a fashion trend-watcher?Do you spend a lot of time flipping through magazines and analyzing the wardrobe choices of others? Do you buy trendy items only to despise them-and yourself-later?Trend-watching-and, more precisely, observing our trend-watching-gives us tremendous opportunities to create awareness of the traits we hope we have but are not sure we do. In fact, being frustrated, embarrassed, or depressed that we have succumbed to a trend is a perfect chance to discover what we value most.
Disposable Color Contacts - Are They Any Good?
The days when color contacts were unbelievably expensive are long gone. As the manufacturing costs go down, disposable color contact lenses appear.
Mirror Tinted Contact Lenses: Wild, and Practical Too
As a contact lens wearer, if you have searched the various lens options available on the market today, you've probably noticed that there are a lot of features to choose from. Some are fairly standard, and are mainly related to your eyesight correction and comfort.
Fashion Marketing 101
In a nutshell, fashion marketing is a profession that takes the latest trends and designs in clothing and communicates them to a target market in such a way that the consumer is not only aware of the product, but wants to and ultimately does buy the product. A target market is a sector of the consumer market to which a company wishes to sell (i.
Does Your Watch Keep Time with Fashion or Function?
If you haven't lived under a rock for the past few decades, then you surely know that Rolex stands for luxurious precision timekeeping, and you know that Timex is the premier name in inexpensive, reliable timekeeping. The vast area between the two, however, offers the widest selection of watches-in terms of function, fashion and price.
Jewelry Gifts
When it is time for a gift for someone, nothing makes a person's eyes sparkle more than receiving jewelry. It's a great gift for young and old, women and men, boys and girls.
Fashion Basics That Wont Break The Bank
There are plenty of basics you can pick up that there's no need to pay the extra to obtain a "design name." From the outside no ones going to know they aren't designer and no ones going to see the label so their a safe bet!Items such as white jeans, flirty skirts, cotton T's, crocheted shrugs, or shorts can be purchased without the designer name.
Fashion with a Conscience
While wristbands have become a fashionable way to show our geopolitics we often forget that we can make an even bigger impact on poverty and the environment through the clothes we choose. Wearing eco fashion is one way we all can make a real difference.
Celebrating a Special Occasion with Jewelry! How to Buy Jewelry? (Part I)
Nothing more personal than our response to color. Color is the new language of passion, and nothing captures it better than distinctively styled jewelry.
The Marc Jacobs Handbag is a Reflection of Style and Sophistication
The Marc Jacobs handbag is a reflection of style and sophistication. Marc Jacobs has become one of the most popular and influential handbag designers in the fashion world.
Bareback Teddies - Show Off Your Style!
By definition a teddy is a one piece undergarment combining a camisole and panty. In reality a teddy can be one of the most dramatic fashion statements you can to accentuate your most fashion forward clothing.
Mens Dress Shoes: Details that Define Quality in Mens Fashion
Every man should know the mens dress shoes details before even considering buying their dress shoes. It is important to understand that these details define the quality in the shoes.
How to Choose a Comfortable Pair of Shoes
You've finally worn out those comfortable old shoes that you have been wearing for years. Finding a good pair of shoes is a bit like trying to find the perfect spouse; it takes a lot of looking around to find the perfect match.
Pull Off a Blazer with These Five Steps
The key to this season is to mix it up. This season is looking more towards a laid back but sophisticated look.
Sterling Silver Jewelry -- Classic Simplicity
Sterling silver jewelry is synonymous with class and style in the world of fashion. Its versatility and flexibility make it a welcome and useful addition to any person's wardrobe.
Your Fashion Style is Important!
Fashion style is important. You clothes make your fashion statement, and how you're perceived.
Lipstik Clothing Is At The Top When It Comes To Fashion Forward Childrens Designs
If you have a little girl, you will absolutely love clothing by Lipstik. This trendy designer clothing line is geared towards the feminine styles that little girls love.
Ralph Lauren 2005 Spring & Summer Collection
The Ralph Lauren Spring & Summer 2005 Collection is simply fabulous! The collection ranges from Shimmering Luxury to Breezy Elegance to Throwaway Glamour - the common element is the color white.Lauren said he used the sophistication of old-time Hollywood and the chic refinement of cafe society as starting points for his collection, which featured several halter gowns, fuzzy cashmere sweaters and some tailored jackets paired with capri-length pants or Bermuda shorts.