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The Power of Color in Business
THERE IS POWER IN YOUR CLOSET and it is in the color of your clothes. All people have physiological response to color.

An Introduction to Lapel Pins
Lapel pins are not just jewelry; they are a way to show off a wearer's passion, affiliation, hobby or travels. Many people collect and trade lapel pins with a fervor usually reserved for rookie baseball cards.
Cat Jewelry: Freeing the Inner Feline
"Cats are possessed of a shy, retiring nature, cajoling, haughty, and capricious, difficult to fathom. They reveal themselves only to certain favored individuals, and are repelled by the faintest suggestion of insult or even by the most trifling deception.
Mirror Tinted Contact Lenses: Wild, and Practical Too
As a contact lens wearer, if you have searched the various lens options available on the market today, you've probably noticed that there are a lot of features to choose from. Some are fairly standard, and are mainly related to your eyesight correction and comfort.
Summer Swimsuits - There is Still Time to Enjoy Them
Our summer season has finally made its way into July, marking what most of us consider to be the halfway point of the season. Soon enough, we will struggle to fit another weekend getaway into what is left of summer before having to dismantle the laid back attitude of the summer sun.
Menswear - Putting Together A Business Wardrobe - Part 2
Here's the second installment of the "Menswear" series, on adding dress shirts to your professional wardrobe. Let's go guys!Dress shirts come in a lot of different styles, fabrics and colors.
Colours of Contact Lenses
Colours of Contact Lenses - Get Lost in those Purple(?) EyesNowadays, there are many colours of contact lenses available to suit your every mood.If you only want a slight eye color change, then contact lens colours generally fall under two categories: opaque contacts (for darker eyes) and enhancer contacts (for light eyes).
Turn Back the Clock with Throw Back Jerseys from the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and College Sports
Throw back jerseys are all the rage across the United States. They are big business, too.
The Ugg Boot and More!
The Ugg Boot is one of the most popular types of footwear on the market right now. Anyone who is not familiar with them should consider slipping one on! They are remarkably soft and luxurious.
Guide to the Latest Fashion Labels
From the runway to the impulse-buy section at the grocery store, people today are always looking for the newest, latest fashions. Sporting fancy labels attests to one's worldview, cultural roots and place in society.
Recycle Vintage Furs
Vintage is all the rage in fashion from sparkling costume jewellery to those old fashion stoles grandma used to wear. The influence of fur is being seen in fashion and home décor.
Freshwater Pearl Necklace Sets Foundation for the Perfect Look
Have you been searching for that certain piece of jewelry for that one special occasion? Or that certain necklace to top off your outfit for a day out? Pearl Jewelry is not only known for its timeless qualities but also for its versatility. Pearl jewelry can be worn with any style and comes in many various colors and sizes.
Lingerie as Fashion Statement
When Madonna first wore her sexy underwear as outerwear our parents were astonished and we thought she was soooo daring. Today a camisole or corset in public is the sexy norm and something for every woman - not just the most daring "material girls".
Denim is Big This Season - Dress It Up or Down
For all you denim lovers, like myself, this is the season for you to shine. Denim is big this season.
Flattering Swimwear for Everyone - Yes, Even YOU!
"There are so many styles of swimwear to choose from, especially if you are a women. With more options than ever, all women regardless of size or shape, can feel stylish wearing swimwear at the pool or on the beach this season.
Travel With Style
Your heading out for that vacation you've been waiting sooo long for. You've got your tickets, passports current.
Leather Jackets, Pants, Skirts: Bikers - The Hot Products In Leather Market
What is Fashion? Embracing style, trend, and comfort is called Fashion.Fashion in todays world is compared to air in our planet.
Roberto Cavalli: The Fashion King
Roberto Cavalli was born on November 15th, 1940 in Italy. He came from a modest family with strong artistic talents and traditions.
Nina Ricci - How She Came to be A Top Designer
In 1883 in Turin, Italy Maria Nielli was born. In 1895 when Maria was 12, her family moved to France.
Bareback Teddies - Show Off Your Style!
By definition a teddy is a one piece undergarment combining a camisole and panty. In reality a teddy can be one of the most dramatic fashion statements you can to accentuate your most fashion forward clothing.